The 1st Annual RoSAnOnS Awards

Nominations are now open.

There are 8 categories, and I’ve started you off with a few nominations for each category. Over to you guys. Further nominations please for each category. (And I’m willing to create extra categories).

Once the nominations are in – I will make another post for voting.

Once the votes are in there will be a Live Award ceremony, beamed directly from RoSAnOnS headquarters here in deepest England.

Category 1 – Best Series Of 6 + Episodes

Marksith John – the evil bully

Glynn Werner – Mr Giggles

Mohammed Ahmed – the gold miner from Ghana

David Bryant – gem dealer in Dubai (currently ongoing)

Alastair Leslie – the infamous slimeball (he was last year, but I allowed him in)

Category 2 -Most ridiculous story
Inno Cent –  – flying U2 spy plane for Spirit Airways
Johnson James Not allowed to know his own address, travelled 3.7k km to work each day
Marksith John Ep 4  The suntracker party barge that he claimed was his heavy duty tracking machine

Paul Fredrick – underwear pipelines

Category 3 – Most Geographically Challenged
“My dear friend” – Johnson James Travelled 3773 km to work each day from California to Ohio
James Brown – trying to sail from Miami to Thailand – via the Red Sea, Suez Canal and Med
Holamilekan Seamord Salau The oceans of Berlin

Category 4 – Most Unlikely Name
Inno Cent
Great God
Minex Dust

Category 5 – Most Ridiculous Job Description
Stephen Niese – drilling engineer who drills lots of holes in the same place
Anderson Lucy – Builds roads underwater for the government to use

Category 6 – Most Annoying Voice
“My dear friend” – Johnson James

Category 7 – Most Ridiculous Conversation
Muftah Muftah

Johnson James

Category 8 – Most Inappropriate Question/Like or Dislike

Do you smoke, drink and party all the time?

I like obedient person