Companies based in the United Kingdom DO NOT need anyone’s assistant to “receive payment”.  All companies have perfectly good bank accounts which are able to receive money from all around the world.

I love the term this scammer uses – “intermeddle”.  That about sums it up really, but please DON’T “meddle” in the affairs of this scammer.

If you make the mistake of replying this scammer will send you a fake payment.  You will then be asked to forward most of the money to a third party (the scammer) before realising that the original payment was fraudulent, thus leaving you out of pocket and with no way of getting back the money you sent to the scammer.

To: Sir/ Madam,

I am Mr. Smith Jones the director of A-A INDUSTRIES LTD United Kingdom,
we are looking for a service as an intermeddle to receive payment on
behalf of our company.
we need your assistance to collect payment from our customers in your region.
In every payment you will receive 10 percent as your payment.
Please if you are willing to assist our company do respond to our mail.

Best regard
Mr. Smith Jones