A Tale Of Three Continents, A Fake Famous Musician And A Money Mule. International Romance Scam.

This video is more serious than the previous Keep Safe On The Net videos. It involves three continents, a money mule and a scammer impersonating a celebrity musician. What happened took me by surprise. It’s a classic tale of a romance scammer taking time to groom their victim and gain their confidence. Sometimes known as a sweetheart scam.

Along the way I help you learn how to spot a romance scammer. I explain some ways money mules are recruited and used. I’ve tried to make this video entertaining, but it’s a serious subject and every day thousands of people fall victim to these romance scammers. Scammers who know how to groom vulnerable victims and who have no morals. They will take as much money as their victim will give them. Each demand for money will be followed by further demands until the victim has no money left, or realises what is happening and stops paying. These scammers are ruthless criminals. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.