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I hope you can that this isn’t an email from the real Amazon.  Firstly, they never address you as “Dear Customer”, they always use your registered name.  Secondly, if you are due for a refund it will just be added to your account.  If they have enough information to email, they have enough information to credit any refund to your account.

This scammer wants your Amazon log-in details, hoping that you will have a linked your credit card to your Amazon account, so that he or she can go on a spending spree using your money.

Dear Customer,

Our record shows that you have a refund slated for your account due to charges made against
your account by us. We do apologise for this mistake which was caused by errors from our system.
This transaction cannot be completed due to the errors present in your account information.
You are required to click on the LOGON below to fix this problem immediately. Please note, it will
take 3 working days to credit your account with the refund.

Log On

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