Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:39 PM
“Lim Yang”
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Dear Friend,

I must assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free to you before and after it is been completed .All I require from you is your maximum co-operation to enable this transaction sail through,the total amount is in united state dollar.

You must be able to keep this transaction very confidential till the total fund is transfer to your account and any body who have access to the attach documents that might be forwarded to you in nearest future will automatically have access to the fund.
To guarantee this payment or transaction to you i have decided to attach my personal i.d card ,upon receive of the below information i will forward to you my late client death certificate .

Once i receive all the below information’s from you via email attachment,l will send you a detail email on the next stage of this transaction.

1.A copy of your driver’s license or international passport.
2.Your contact phone number/fax
3.Your contact address.

Best regards
Lim Yang.

Attorney Chamber
Block A4,Level 1 Federal Government Administrative Centre
62612 WP Putrajaya, Malaysia
Phone No:+60-176-179-920

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“My Friend” is nothing more than a crook. If you get one of these, “act as urgent” and delete it.