Alert Delivery Update

If this email really did come from FedEx (which it doesn’t), then it would be none of their business to know what was inside my parcel. And if the United Nations really did ow me $890k, do you think they’d send me a cheque – by courier?  Of course they wouldn’t.  I can think of no reason why the UN would owe me, or you , or anyone money.  If they did, they would transfer it to your bank account.

That isn’t going to happen, because there is no money – just a scammer hoping you are daft enough to fall for his scam and start sending him money.

Date: 26th February, 2010.

Customer Service!

This mail is to remind you of your registered package. CONTENT: Bank
Draft of $890 000.00 USD registered by an Official of the United
Nation. The Fund is a donation to you from the U.N through e-mails
balloting in affiliation with commonwealth poverty eradication program.
For your information the VAT and COD have been paid.
Contact FedEx Delivery Department Mr. Grege Silva for shipment
details and requirements.
Tel: +2348071208793
It is mandatory to reconfirm your Postal address and telephone number:
Full Name:
Postal Address:
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Margaret Blair
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