Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank – Payment received.

A bit more convincing than the usual scam bank email, poorly written rubbish.  Still a scam.  NEVER click on a link in a bank email, even if it appears to have come from your bank.  ALWAYS enter the address of your bank website directly into your browser.

That link takes you to, which redirects to – NOT the A&L website.  Once there you are asked for all your confidential bank info so that the scammer can help him or herself to your money.

Delete the email.

Dear Customer,

You Have One New Message
Unfortunately we are unable to accept the secure message to authorise a CHAPS payment, please log on to online banking and check the messages.
Please click on the following link.
Online business banking with mybusinessbank

Payment received from:
>From Account: 003513807 — 09-01-50 03513807
Amount: ?500.00
Payment Reference: DRAWINGS
Payment Type: CHAPS
Status: In Progress
Transaction Number: 20884571
Payment Date: 02/05/2011
Message: We telephoned you today in relation to your CHAPS payment, unfortunately we were unable to contact you on the telephone numbers registered for your account to verify the payment.

Please click on the following link to to view a copy.

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