Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Scam

This scam was left as a comment.  I think it was left by the scammer, who hails from Phoenix in Arizona, but I won’t publish her name and email address as I’m not 100% that she is the scammer and not an innocent blog commenter.

The site isn’t even a copy of the real Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank site.  It’s a poor mock-up – so poor, in fact, that the scammer has had to give you instructions on how to use it!

The fake domain name has been registered using a false name and address.  I’ve reported it to it’s host and to nominet (the UK domain name registrars).

Meanwhile – don’t visit the site and don’t enter any details on it.

Log On Steps:
Step 1: visit
Step 2: Click on Business Banking Log On
Step 3: Enter the Customer ID and Passcode as shown above and click “Log On”
Step 4: Enter the Security Answers as shown above and click “Confirm Security Answers”
Step 5: Please, remember to click on “Logout” after accessing the online banking page.
PLEASE READ: This whole process is to allow you access the account and confirm its status and the funds
therein. But, before you can be able to effect a funds transfer, we need you to scan and send to us any
means of identification to identify you as a delegate and for our own record e.g. Drivers License or
International Passport or Work ID that shows a clear head photo of you. Meanwhile, the transfer button in
the online access page has been disabled until we receive any of the above required scanned item from you.
Thereafter, the transfer button shall be enabled including detailed instructions for you to proceed with the
funds transfer to your preferred bank account.
Jason Oliva
Customer Service Agent
Customer Care Helpline: +447024054839
Headquarters: Carlton Park Narborough, LE19 0AL United Kingdom.