This scammer isn’t writing to you “in the Name of Allah” or anyone else.  And like the scammers who claim to be Christians (or Born Again Christians) he clearly hasn’t been paying enough attention to the teachings of the religion in whose name he claims to be writing.

I’m quite sure that scamming and lying and contrary to the teachings of most religions.  The only money this scammer is interested in is yours.  He wants to take it from you by charging you fees.  Ignore him.



I write you In the Name of Allah the most Beneficent and Most Merciful, His Holy Prophets and the most respected of His Prophet-Prophet Mohammed (the Peace of Allah be with him)..!

I am Mohammad Jalal-ud-Din Carter the son of Late H.E Carter Bassim Khilji Maatouk, the Owner/ CEO of B.K.Carter Machinery Co Inc. I would like to invest in any lucrative business in your country or any other Muslim friendly country as we do not have fair opportunities here.

I seek your partnership because of an urgent need to move out the fund for investment purposes as I will want to invest it in a suitable environment having you as my foreign partner.

It will be my utmost desire to invest my funds in your country through your guidance and business network. As my ideal partner, you should have the ability to operate a business in your country or other regions.

The fields/Areas of interest: ANY of the following below:

A. Agriculture + Foods chain supply Industry (Halal)
B. Land Properties {Buildings, Hotels /Recreational centre}
C. Oil & Gas OR Any Other viable Investments based on your business experience.

Kindly reach me urgently with your direct number to discuss further regarding this proposed Joint-Venture and fund transfer.

For more details, please contact me via email and direct line below. Thank You!

Regards from,
Engr. Mohammad Jalal-ud-Din Carter Bassim
Tel: +44-7031-893554