This scammer isn’t going to send you 20% of anything. ┬áHe’s hoping you will start sending him your own money to pay his “fees”.


I am Leng Shek Mooi an underwriter with Golden China brokage

company Malaysia.

Have contacted you with the hope of getting you to act as

trustee in clearance of $40million fixed income deposit and to

invest the funds.

You earn 20% as your commission for acting as my trustee.

I will urgently need your full names,address and phone number

to regularize on the funds as the new beneficiary with the bank

where the funds are presently domicile.

Note that the fixed income deposit has to be cleared before the

ending of this quarter of the financial fiscal year 2012.

Ensure to be honest with me when the funds are paid to you and

remit my share to my Swiss bank account below

8022 Z?rich
Tel: (+41.1) 631 41 11
Fax: (+41.1) 631 41 81
Acct # name Leng Shek Mooi.
Acct # 56097327864
Swift code: ABNACHZZ80A

Will be quick to reassure you that I have a due probate as the

underwriter of the funds to present a new beneficiary ,so as to

inform you the transaction is legal and the funds will be

cleared without a breach of the law leaving your personality


A copy of my international passport is attached along with this

email as a confidence building measure.

The funds will be cleared within 7 banking days once your

details is regularized and approve as the new beneficiary.

Looking forward to working with you.

Leng Shek Mooi
Golden China brokage company
Ground & 1st Floor Boulevard Complex, Lot 2528,
Jalan Boulevard Utama Boulevard Commercial Center 98000 Miri

Sarawak Malaysia
PH: +603 2178 4466
DL: +60166940290