Atiku Abubakar


Do you really think that the ex Vice President of any country would contact you randomly and ask for help investing large amounts of money?  Of course s/he wouldn’t.  Whoever this scammer is, he isn’t the former Vice President of Nigeria, he’s a scammer.  Just delete the email.


I am the former Vice President of Nigeria, (Mr Atiku Abubakar). I read
business information about your country and And I know it will be safe and
more profitable to invest there in your country.

Am interested to invest some huge amount of money in your country I promise
to sent you email As soon as you get this mail get back to me immediately. I
will like to know more procedures if you are interested about this proposal.
Please this is my personal contact details for more discussion.

Tel: +234-808-572-7994

F.V.P Atiku Abubakar