Thursday, February 26, 2009 11:45 PM
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External Review Committee on Debt.
Standard Bank Nigeria.

Attention Beneficiary:

We wish to inform you that you have been scheduled to be paid $280,000.00 through our Automated teller machine card (ATM Card) which you will only be required to proceed to any ATM Cash Point to withdraw the sum of $400 per day till the payment is completed.

This development is as a result of a just concluded yearly program where 10 individuals get cash benefits from our bank. These 10 beneficiaries are selected randomly through personal websites, account holders etc. Being an international bank, we endeavor to make this opportunity available to everyone, no matter the location.

We normally use FedEx for all our international shipments. To enable the shipment take place you will have to pay the sum of $150 shipping fees. These are FedEx charges and not for the bank, we only help to receive these funds on their behalf and will immediately inform them to ship your ATM card once we confirm payments.

We are sorry as we cannot deduct from your funds to pay for the Shipping/Transfer charges. This is in accordance with section 13(1-2) of the new payment policy Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1998 by the external review committee on debt. This is to protect our clients and to avoid misappropriation of funds by officials.

Furthermore you are advised to contact me ASAP for the issuance of your ATM card and my e-mail address is When you contact me, kindly provide your;

1. Full Name (As Stated in your ID)
2. Contact Address (Where your ATM card will be shipped to)
3. Sex
4. Valid telephone number
5. Preferred pin number
6. Nationality
7. Occupation

This information will be used to process your card before it’s issued out to you. I will like to know if you still want me to proceed. I humbly await your instructions.

Paul Miller
ATM Issuing Department.
There is no “External Review Committee on Debt”, and one would think the Nigerians would concern themselves with their own nation’s debt, not everyone else’s.