Attention Needed

Ok – so let me get this right.  “Mr Edward Walker” is a dishonest bank official who wants to steal $14.6m from the account of a deceased client.  Do I trust him? ……………….mmmmmmmmmm……….. let me think about it.

Meanwhile – I’m sure you can see that this is a scam.  No bank official, honest or otherwise, is going to suddenly write to you out of the blue and offer you millions of dollars.


My name is Mr.Edward Walker from South Africa, our client died Two years ago,
leaving behind Capital amount (US$14.6M) in our bank here where i
work ,I am his account manager ,till date nobody has come forward or put
application for the claim. To maintain the level of security required I have
intentionally left out the final details.

I want you to come forward since I can provide you with the details needed for
you to claim the Funds so that I can be gratify by you,I that will do all the
crucial part in the bank to have the claim release to you promptly. To affirm
your willingness and cooperation please do so by replying me at my private email
stating your mind.

Thank you,

Mr.Edward Walker.

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