This is an example of how the beneficiary scammers work.  An online contact received this email about funds she was supposed to have received.  She replied and immediately the scammer started asking for money.  She was told she would have to pay $285 to the supreme court of Nigeria for a certificate.  You can see the scammer’s second email below.

Of course, my online contact told the scammer that she already has the certificate.  If the scammer replies, I will update this post.



I have to start by introducing myself as Mrs STACY BONE senior
investigator working with the united Nations. From and ac-cured data base
through the International Monetary Funds (IMF) we observed that you were
supposed to receive your wire transfer of your funds on the 3-10-2012.

This E-mail requires you to quickly confirm to this humble office if you
have received your funds transfer. If No, complete the requested
information Below:

Full Name
Age, Sex , Occupation
Direct Mobile Number
A valid passport

I will be waiting for your swift response to this urgent matter




Attention: Annie Smith

This is to inform you that the ad-hock committee of funds payment and transfer had a brief meeting yesterday, and it was agreed that all transfer must been completed within the next 72 hours. Also that all bonifide beneficiary must present a FUND AWARD CERTIFICATE, which must be issued by the supreme court of Nigeria. This certificate will stand as the legitimacy of this transaction, and proves you as the real owner of your claim.

If you have obtained this certificate in the past, quickly forward it immediately for your transfer to commence, but if you have not obtained it, then you have to obtain it through the supreme court of Nigeria, the court charge for this certificate is only $285 which must be sent directly to the court via western union.

Finally, i have been instructed by the bank to inform you that their is no other payment or fee needed, once you provide your award certificate, you are not required to pay any other sum to get this transfer into your bank.

I will be waiting for your swift response.

Stacy Bone