Bank of Scotland Business Banking On-line Urgent E-mail id: 326

I knew the lull in (fake) bank emails wouldn’t last.  This scammer is so desperate for me to log into their fake website that I was sent this 4 times!

NEVER click on a link in a bank email.  Know the real address of your bank’s website and type it directly into your browser.

How do I know this is a fake?  I’m not a customer of the Bank of Scotland!  But if I was, I would still know it was a fake because of the link address.

Point your mouse at a link in an email (don’t click) and the address of the link will be displayed at the bottom left of your computer screen.

Look at these two screen shots.  The first one is the link that is displayed in the email.  The second is the link that is displayed at the bottom of my screen.  Can you spot the difference?  If you want to know how the scammers do this, use the box on the right to join the mailing list and you can download “anatomy of a bank phishing email” which explains everything you need to know!

Link displayed in body of email
Link displayed in body of email
Link displayed at bottom left of screen
Link displayed at bottom left of screen
Dear Bank of Scotland Business customer!      Our Support Division is performing a scheduled Online Banking service upgrade. 
By clicking on the link below please open the procedure of the customer login update:
These directives are to be e-mailed and followed by all Bank of Scotland Business customers. 

We apologize for the problems caused to you, and is very thankful for your collaboration. 
If you are not client of the Bank of Scotland please ignore this notice! 
— This is robot generated e-mail please do not respond –