Bank of Scotland Business On-line Services Important Security Notification REF: 427

Now it’s the Bank of Scotland.  This phisher even tells me that if I am not a client of the Bank of Scotland I should ignore the email.  Now why would the Bank of Scotland send an email to someone who wasn’t a client, telling them to login to their account???  Sound phishy?  You bet it is.  That realistic looking link takes you to somewhere completely different – 
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Just delete the email and DON’T click on the link.  It doesn’t take you to the bank’s website, but to a fraudulent site.
And if you’re sick of all this spam, install Spam Bully. Highly effective spam filter with built in features to help you track the origin of scam emails and get your own back on the scammers.

Dear Bank of Scotland Business customer! 

Our Maintenance Division is performing a scheduled On-line Banking software update. 
By clicking on the link below please open the form of the customer login verification:


These directives are to be emailed and followed by all Bank of Scotland Business customers. 
We apologize for any problems caused, and is very grateful for your collaboration. 
If you are not client of the Bank of Scotland please ignore this notification! 
— This is robot generated email, please do not reply — 

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