Bill SM-004807 from Peyton & Byrne Limited is due soon

You’d think that a company to whom you owe money might know your name, rather than resorting to addressing you as “Dear Valued Customer”.

The domain name associated with the email address that this was sent from – – is Vietnamese.

This scam has NOTHING to do with the legitimate restaurant business.

I didn’t download the .pdf document as I suspect it might be infected with a Trojan.

Ignore this scammer.

If you did accidentally download the document and think your computer might have been infected, download and scan your computer with the free version of malwarebytes – available from

Dear Valued Customer

This note is just to make sure that you have received a copy of our invoice for £491.40 which will become due for payment on 18 Oct 2017. A copy is enclosed, just in case it has not reached you.

If there is anything you need us to do please let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to continuing our work with you.

Thanks and Regards

Peyton & Byrne Limited

+44 (20) 7839 6674