Booking Enquiry

Another offering from the world of hotel booking scams, forwarded to me by a friend who does bed and breakfast.  Usual tell tale signs – they want to stay for an extended period, they tell you they will pay by credit card, they ask you to tell them the total cost of the stay – and – they have absolutely no idea who they are writing to.  They never mention the name of your hotel/guest house/b&B or address you by name.  This is because they are sending this same email to thousands of addresses, hoping that someone will fall for their scam.

How does the scam work?  Something like this – you reply, quoting a price.  The scammer comes up with some story about needing to pay for a hire car, air fares, taxis or whatever.  They say they will send you all the money and ask you to forward some to the car/airline/taxi company.  If you fall for this, you will forward money to a colleague of the scammer.  The original payment will be withdrawn from your account leaving you out of pocket.

Just ignore this scammer and don’t reply.

Good Day,
>             I am Mr Martin Geer, presently working on a contract in
> the Middle East. i did like to make a reservation at your place for i
> and my family during our stay in your contry.
> We would like to book two rooms, one with double beds if possible
> also break fast inclusive, from the 10th-17th November(one week),
> we are four in number i and my wife including my 14 year old twin
> daughters.
> Kindly total the cost for your services, also note that payment will
> be made by credit card.
> I await your response and hope to have a warm reseption at your place.
> Regards,
> Mr Martin Geer