!!! Bull Dog Available For Adoption !!!


I’ve read about this scam, but until now I hadn’t seen it for myself – so a big “thank you ” to the reader who submitted it, along with this comment ““Sorry, Andrea”. I prefer my cat, Serena”.  I hope you realise that there are no puppies, just a scammer hoping to get his hands on your money.  Delete the email

My name is Govinco, I came across your email address through am email surfing Affiliated with the US chamber of Commerce, and

My late Grandma was a puppy breeder, She died about 4 months ago and she left 2 Female English Bulldog, They are so adorable, Due to my job as a Maketer, My job do not allow me to take good care of these babies, I would have love to take care of them myself but due to the nature of my job i does hardly have time for my self, So i want to find them caring & loving parent who will take good care of them and willing to adopt,if you interested in having one of them, please contact me immediately ,for more details and information, and let me know the breed you are interested in if you want the the Bulldog ?.

Andrea Govinco.
503 766 2988.