“Dr Paul James” writes to me from Lagos in Nigeria to tell me he works for Deutsche Bank in London, UK.  Seems unlikely to me!!!!  He has, of course, millions of dollars that he is willing to share with me.  How kind.

Just ignore this idiotic scammer, whose only aim in life is to take your money away from you by charging you “fees”.

Auditor General of Deutsche Bank London.


First of all, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dr. Paul James,the Auditor General of Deutsche Bank London. I have an urgent and very confidential business proposition for you.I am the accounting officer of Mr. Ken Lay, Enron founder, who died on July, 5th 2006, at the age of 64 and his friend and partner Mr. Jeffrey Skilling, Ex-Enron CEO who was recently convicted 24 years for his involvement on the collapse of Enron, the energy trading giant in America.It will interest to know that on Wednesday, 7th February 2001, Mr. Ken Lay deposited a total sum of 20M pounds and on Tuesday, 24th April 2001, Mr Jeffrey Skilling deposited 17.5M Pounds in our Bank. These funds were deposited into a non-existing company’s account which I opened in our bank (DEUTSCHE BANK LONDON) under their instructions, to avoid raising an eyebrow but unfortunately for them and fortunately for me, the 2 men are gone.

So right now, we have the sum of 37.5M Pounds lying in the 2 accounts without any proof of ownership as it was opened with non-existing companies name and the bank is not aware of the real beneficiaries as the accounts did not bear any name. As their accounting officer and financial adviser in charge of these accounts, I can comfortable present you to the Bank as the real beneficiary of the funds and they have no right to deny the application.

I will give you more details upon receipt of your acceptance email to work with me in this transaction.

Dr Paul James
The Auditor General.