Business Proposal


Mr Hesse, despite claiming to be a barrister at law in London, can barely write a sensible sentence in English.  He promises me that he will “procure a Debt Instrument in your flavor”.  I’ll have the chocolate one please, with raspberry sauce.

Dover House, 35 Dover Street London W1S 4NG

RE: Requesting Expression of Interest (EOI)

This letter serves as a confidential legal request for a joint venture
business partnership. Detailed in brief is the business proposal and services
which I am requesting from you.

My names are Robert Karl Hesse, Barrister-at-Law and Chief Executive Officer
of the Law Firm RK. HESSE LAW FIRM & ASSOCIATES Mayfair, London. My Law firm
legally represents as Attorney to Late billionaire Mr. Adolf Merckle (Herein
referred to as Client).

My Client Late Adolf Merckle, aged 74 years old, committed suicide on January
5th 2009 after his business empire ran into trouble in the global economic
financial crisis. Please refer to the news website below to read more about my
Late client.

My purpose of writing you is to request your participation in collection of
Some funds from the estate of my late client which will be legally executed by
His families Detailed are the following tasks I require from you in order to
Collect the funds from the estate of my client.

My office shall procure a Debt Instrument in your flavor, which will legally
State that my late client owes you $9 million as money owed to you by lending.
My office shall stand as legal witness and testify true claims to the Debt
Instrument. So also my office shall tender all other required legal documents
to the family for verification and approval of debt payment to you as
rightful Beneficiary. Upon the successful approval of payment to you, we
shall both have an applicable sharing of the proceeds received. You shall be
entitled to receive $4 Million as pay off for your participation and service
rendered while I shall receive the rest of the money.

I want you to be rest assured of your safety in participating in this
business, as my law office will provide a secured legal guaranteed backing
and advice to you.

Please write back to indicate your expression of interest and acceptance to
this business offer. Also include along your full names, professional
qualification and additional information about yourself.

I request you open any conversation with me on my private cell no.
+447031943817 Email:




Sincerely yours,
Robert K. Hesse , Esq.