Business Proposal!!

Goodness – if I accepted all the “business proposals” I’ve had in the last week, I’d have to start my own bank to keep all that money.  This scam is a load of badly written rubbish.  If you reply to “Mr Elliot”, he won’t send you $48m, he won’t even send you $48.  He’ll start asking you for money.  He’s a scammer.  Just delete the email and don’t reply.

Good day,

This message is directed to you for the purpose of a transaction that is
US$48,000,000.This transaction is completely legitimate and all legal
documents will be provided which will cover you and the funds during the
course of this transaction.

I am Eric Elliot by name and i am presently in the Malaysia precisely
because of this transaction.If you are interested in this transaction,i will
advise you send me an email with the following details:

Full Name :
Tel Number:
Occupation :

The reason for these details to be released to me is for me to be sure i am
not corresponding with the wrong person.Note that you are been contacted
because of your family name and as such,i must be very sure someoneelse is
playing a fast one on either of us.

If you would like to discuss further about this transaction that is in your
family name as an inheritance that you will benefit from,give me a call on my
number:+60164657535 or email me

Your response will be highly appreciated at this point because this money has
been delayed for too long and i would like to finalize the transaction as
as possible so that i can go ahead with my other client’s issues i have at
Best Regards.

Eric Elliot