Business Proposal

It seems to be “write an Iraqi scam” day.  Scamming and phishing are truly international sports.  One day, I’m going to write a directory of scammy/phishy countries.  I don’t think anywhere will be left out.  Mr Thabit Alwan was, of course, rich and he did, of course, die along with all of his family – in the Iraqi war.  His banker, Mr Chi Lin Ling does, of course, need my help to get his hands on the cash.

Mr Ling is, of course, a scammer.  He, of cousre, wants nothing better than to get his hands, not on Mr Alwan’s cash but on your hard earned cash.  Ignore him.  He is, of course, a scammer.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Chi-lin Ling I work with Bank Sino
Pac, formerly known as International Bank of  Taipei as Executive
Vice President & Deputy  Head of Division, Wealth Management, I have an
obscure business proposal for you.

My client, Mr.Thabit Alwan an Iraqi  Merchant, made a fixed deposit of USD
17.3M for  2 years with my bank. Upon maturity several  notices
were sent to  him.

It was later  discovered that he and his family were killed in Iraq war.
I prefer you to reach me with the below