Bux Inc

I’m a member of several online forums.  On one of them someone asked if Bux Inc (dot com) was legitimate or a scam.

Ok – what do I think?

  • The site claims you will be paid $5 every time you “view” one of their adverts for 30 seconds.  Sounds good, I mean $5 for 30secs, that’s $10 a minute or $600 an hour.  Clearly I’m in the wrong job!
  • They claim they will pay you when your account balance reaches $5000.  What?  I can’t wait.
  • I signed up, obviously, because I love a scam challenge.  In the time it’s taken me to write this post I’ve earned $35.

I took a look at how much they, allegedly, “charge” if you want to advertise on their site.  Obviously all these $5 payouts have to come from somewhere.  Or do they?

  • They have an array of advertising options, none of which are explained.
  • They include “featured ad views” for $2.50.  Ok – I can see a “featured ad” – it’s a link on their main site
  • Are there any prices for PPV (pay per view) ads?  The very ones their members are, supposedly, being paid to view?  Of course there aren’t.  I’ll take bets that all of the sites that are served to unsuspecting viewers are owned by the same people that own the main site.

Do you see what I’m getting at?  There is no option for a website owner to pay $5 (+) to have their site viewed for 30s.  So where is the money coming from?

It’s fairly obvious that the money isn’t coming from anywhere, nor is it being paid to anyone.

Think about it.  How many website owners do you really think would pay $5 to have their site shown to someone who has NO INTEREST at all in their site.  This site’s members have joined for one reason only – to get paid (which isn’t going to happen).  They have zero interest in the pages they are viewing.