This is an old scam doing the rounds again with a few changes.  The scammer is trying to persuade you that he has access to millions of dollars left behind in his bank by a mega rich foreigner who, surprise, died in a nasty accident.

There are no millions.  No-one died in a nasty accident.  The nasty accident will happen if you reply – because this scammer will start asking you to send him money.  Just delete the email.

Attention pls,

Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction, Although Let me start by first introducing myself properly to you. I am Mr.Mohammed Isa Kwame, a Manager at the Union Bank Ghana. I came to know of you in my private search for a reliable and reputable person to handle a very confidential transaction, which involves the transfer of a huge sum of money to a foreign account requiring maximum confidence.

A foreigner,(LATE ENGR ADEL HAMID) an oil Merchant /contractor with the Government of Ghana, until his death three years ago in a ghastly air crash, banked with us here at the Union Bank PLC, Ghana, and had a closing balance of USD$10.2M (Ten Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which the bank now expects to be claimed by any of his available Relative or next of kin without that it will be Considered frozen.

Valuable efforts are being made by the Union Bank to get in touch with any of late Engr’s next of kin (he did not make known his wife or children) to the Bank. Now the board of directors, are making arrangement for the fund to be declared “UNCLIAMABLE ” and then be subsequently becomes Union Bank’s money. In order to avert this negative development, myself and some of my trusted colleagues in the bank now seek for your permission to have you stand as the next of kin so that the fund, USD$10.2M, would be subsequently transferred and paid into your bank account as the beneficiary (Relative) next of kin.

All documents and proves to enable you get this fund have been carefully worked out and we are assuring you 100% risk free involvement. Your share would be 30% of the total amount. while the rest 70% would be for myself and my colleagues for purposes in your country. If this proposal is OK by you then kindly get to me immediately via e-mail furnishing me with your most confidential telephone, and e-mail, so that I can forward to you the relevant details of this transaction.

Mohammed Isa Kwame
Tel +233-541430691