Claim application forms attached

Another reader has waded into the war on scammers.  This is a garbled piece of rubbish.  The scammer couldn’t be bothered to say who they think they are or why.  It’s full of mixed up references.  A sort of “mix and match” scam message.

Scam it is.  There is no money and Mr Guzman certainly isn’t going to send you anything – except demands that you pay him.

Ignore him and don’t reply.

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Castellana 10,
Madrid Spain.

TEL: +34-634-151-884
FAX: +34-918-297-581  

Dear blog reader’s name,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!. Welcome to SANTANDER S.C, I am Mr. ANTONIO GUZMAN, assigned to process your winning file for payment.   

To begin your claim, attached to this mail is the PAYMENT PROCESSING FORMS,  firstly please we advice that you print out your FORMS that is attached to this message, read it carefully, fill it and send it back as scan attachment through email or fax including a photocopy of your identification e.g traveling passport orDriver’s license.   

On return of the forms and valid identification, it will be verified by the LOTTERY VERIFICATION DEPARTMENT.  After this, we will forward your informations to the paying bank so that your money can be remitted to you in which ever medium you have chosen in the BANCO PUEYO form.

Please, do not fail to contact us if there is any unclear situation.  Just follow the procedures and your Prize will get to you.

Thanks and wait your urgent reply on this matter.Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Antonio Guzman.
TEL: +34-634-151-884
FAX: +34-918-297-581