Claim your Child Benefit

This is a scam. NEVER click on a link in an email that claims to come from a government department. ALWAYS enter the address of the department you want DIRECTLY into your browser.

If I click on the link, this is where it takes me:
Look at that link carefully. The first part ends with – this is NOT the address of the real inland revenue site.

HM Revenue & Customs                                                                                         Mon 07-12-2009

Dear Applicant,

Please note that you can apply for child benefit now, Child Benefit payments are usually paid every four weeks and in some cases weekly.
You can find your Child Benefit number on any forms or letters that we send you.

Fill in a Child Benefit claim form and allow the bank 3-5 days to process it:

  • If your payment is due to be paid on a bank holiday you will get this a little earlier than normal, usually the last working day before the bank holiday. Payments due after the bank holiday will be paid on your normal Monday or Tuesday pay date and not earlier.

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Child Benefit Office (Washington)
    NEA 10463
    PO Box 133
    NE38 7BR