Classified Mail from Land Rover


Obec Radonice writes to from the Czech Republic to tell me he is called David Correlas and works for Land Rover.  Do I believe him?  No I don’t.  He’s a scammer.  Ignore him.

Unit 6, 19-21, Penhall Rd, London, SE7 8RX
United Kingdom
FROM: Mr Shaun Donald
Lottery Manager.
Secret Pin No: LRA/1901/1134
Reference Number LRA:58YZX/09

This Email is to inform you that your email address just won you
500,000.00 and new 2009 Model Range Rover car in the
ongoing Range Rover anniversary promotion draws held
today.Contact the claims agent with contact information stated below:

=====Name in full.
=====Present Country
=====Marital Status/Age

Mr David Correlas,
+44 703 594 7442
Claims Agent
Land Rover Annual Promotion