Wednesday, February 25, 2009 6:18 AM
“Dr Usman Hassan” <>
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Firstly, i must solicit your confidence towards this transaction.As the
director finanacial sector survilliance with the ministry of
finanace,federal republic of Nigeria,some amount of money acrued to me
totalling fifteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

This money acrued to me from commissions offered to me by foreign
contractors,over invoice of ministries budget,levies from importers at the
sea ports. I got your contact while going through a directory in your
embassy in my country.And with the little profile disclose about you in the
directory i strongly believe that you are capable of this transaction.

Futhermore,this fund is legitimate and as soon as i get a designated bank
account from you where you want this money to be transfered into,all the
legitimate documents showing the origin and source of money will be procured
by the help of a HIRED attorney.

In addition,you should bear in mind that this transaction is 100% RISK
FREE and i plead with you on one thing to keep this information secret
whether you are going to assist me or not.

Finally i have concluded it that out of the total money30% will be for
you,55%will for me while 15% will be set aside for any unforseen expences
that we may incure on the process of the transfer.
N/B:As soon as a comfortable bank account is been provided by you,this
transfer will take just fourtheen (14)bank working days.

In your reply,kindly forward me with your(1) Your telephone and fax number
for faster communication Waiting for your prompt response. Your

Dr Usman Hassan.
Don’t “kindly forward” anything to this Spammy Sammy. This is his way of being able to rob and defraud you, so don’t let him—delete!