Congratulations To This E-mail Owner,

Goodness – I’m going to be in and out of my local Western Union office like a yo-yo.  They are going to send me $4.9k every 7 hours!  Well, a gal could use half a million dollars.

Oh, wait, you mean she isn’t going to that money?  Of course she isn’t, and neither are you.  This scammer wants to take your money, not give you money.  He even tells you to send him $98.  If you make the mistake of sending the money, he will soon start asking you for more.  Ignore him.

Congratulations To This E-mail Owner,

Thank you for your patronage in using western Union Money Transfer for sending and receiving money, we are so happy to have a customer like you. For using western union your email was put to the Ballot box for the ongoing 2010 to 2015 Western Union Money Transfer annual Bonanza Draw. You have won your self $US500,000.00 This fund will be given to you through our office Western Union Payment agent Office.

Your winnings sum will be paid installment with sums of US$4,900.00 which will be sent to you in every Seven Hours (7 hours) until the funds is completely paid to you or through Our Western Union Gold Card which you will be withdrawing the sum of $5,000.00 daily, we are legally allowed to pay you till you receive your winnings fund worth of US$500,000.00

The Following is the details needed for your first Western Union Money transfer Control Number.

Receivers Name:
Cellphone number:
Text Question:

Note that the above payment has not been activated because your winning certificate has not been approved, To enable us activate your payment immediately you are required to pay an amount of US$96 for the approval of your winning certificate. Please be informed that this charge can not be deducted from your account because it’s bonded and has been programmed till your final payment. This would be paid once and will never be requested to pay it after your transaction has been activated.

I will Send you payment information of our Western Union Cashier as soon as I hear from you with your receiver details and cellphone number. Upon the receipt of the $96 for the signing of your winning certificate, your programmed transaction will be activated and you will receive your first transaction of usd$4,900.00 or our Western Union Gold Card should be deliver to your address.

Bellow is your wining details.
Ticket Number: FTVU144231033
Serial Number:77950
Winning Number: EA2948-910
Winning Amount: usd$500,000.00

Immediately we receives the $96, our Western Union payment Department shall activate and sign your programmed transaction to enable you receive your first installment. Please Note: this Winning number (EA2948-910) should be kept very safe and secret for your own security, to avoid someone else tempering with your funds.

Call our head office for confirmation 229 941 605 13 Mr John Kerry.

We congratulate you in Advance.
Winnings Claims Bonanza Department
Western Union Money Transfer Office
Mr Jimmy Peters