Congratulations Your winning Reference # is: M728182F

…….. and I’m “happy to announce to you” that this is a scam. ¬†There is no such thing as the Coca-Cola annual on-line free draw and you haven’t won anything.

This is a scammer Рwho is hoping you will be taken in by his story and then start sending him your money when he starts demanding fees.  Ignore him (or her).


We are happy to announce to you that your email address attached to ticket
number 13R47B47 has subsequently won you the star-prize of $750,000.00USD
(Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars) in the just
concluded Coca-Cola annual on-line free draws held on the (31th March,2011)

Participants for the draws were randomly selected through an
automatic email generating ballot system, drawn from a wide range of web
hosts. To begin your prize claims process, it is important that you
acknowledge your receipt of this correspondence. Send your response to
your claims agent by replying to this notification:Please note, if you
are not the right full owner of this email, do not respond to this mail

Claims Agent: Mr. Chong Samad
Tel: +60102617208

Do provide your claims officer with the requested data below.

1. Full Name:___________
2. Address:__________
3. Country:__________
4. Phone Number:_____
5. Occupation:________
6. Sex:______________
7. Age:______________
8. How Do You Feel As A Winner?

Congratulations to you from all members of this program.Send response
to”” only..

Best Regards,
Online Co-coordinator,
Dr. Fred Johnson.
Coca-Cola Online Promotion