From a reader, with this comment: “Mr.Fat John.” Seems to be awfully concerned about my finances and if I’m reading between the lines correctly, he is implying that the FedEx staff are either crooks or snoops or both! “Mr.Fat John.” Needs to go on a diet and cut out the spam!

Dear Friend,
Compliment of the day to you and your family. I have been waiting for you
since to come down here and pick your Cheque which my boss left with me on
his departure to England but I did not hear from you since that time till
I went to the bank to confirm whether the Cheque is getting close to
expire as it has been long time my boss issued the Cheque.

The director of the (ADB) bank told me that before the draft will get to
you that it will expire. Then I told him to help me and cash the Cheque
worth of $ to cash payment.However, I have successfully cashed
the draft and packaged it in a box and have registered it in the FedEx
Express Courier Service here in Benin Republic because I will travel to see
my boss in England and will not come back till June. 20th 2009. You have to
contact the FedEx Express Courier Service to know when they will deliver
your package to your address. I have paid for the delivering charges and
insurance fees.
The only money you have to send to them is their security keeping fees
which is USD$108.00 USD to receive your package. Don’t be deceived by any
body.This is their Contact Address:Attn: Chief Mr. Onodu Ugo (Director
FedEx Express Courier Service) Tel/Fax: +229-98921240, E-mail:
( is the information they
needed from you.1. Your full name,2. Your shipping/home address,3. Your tel
no ,4.A copy of your passport.Try to contact them as soon as possible to
avoid the weekly increasement of the security keeping fee.Note;

I didn’t tell the FedEx Express Courier Service that it’s money inside the
box, I registered it as a box of a Church Minister Materials. This is to
avoid delay or any upfront problem during the delivery. So, do not let them
now that the package contains money.Thanks and Remain Blessed.Yours
Mr.Fat John.