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This is the old, old story of a crooked bank official and dead client who has left millions of dollars with no family or next of kin.  The crooked bank official wants to get his hands on the money and is willing to share it with you.  Not.

This is a scammer.  The only money the scammer has access to is yours – at least that’s what he is hoping.  If you reply he will start asking you send money to pay fees.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Dear Friend,

I know it will be a surprise for you to receive my email through the Internet which may not be the best method of sending you this kind of proposal due to the abuse of the Internet. My name is Dijk Van Michan, I work with the Finance Monetary Unit in Post bank Netherlands, we are in charge of auditing foreign account holder.
During our last annual inspections of all foreign account holders in my bank, My department found a dormant account with an enormous sum of US 6,500,000.00 (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) which was deposited by one Mr. Jerry R. Williams a British citizen,in regards to why the account has be dormant My department set up an investigation comity to investigate the account,and I was the chairman of the investigation my investigation why the account has not be operative for so long I found out that the account holder has died in a plane crash in November 1999 which lead to the dormant of the account.
As I investigate further I found out the late Jerry R. Williams has not indicated any beneficiary or next of kin in his certificate of deposit with the bank,and to the law of my country here in Netherlands when an account is dormant for more than eight 8 years the authority (Ministry of finance) has every tendency to confiscate the account and the money will go into the government account. In regards to that,am contacting you to stand as the beneficiary to the deceased account since you are not a Netherlands citizen. I will provide all support proof documents to put you in the place of beneficiary to the funds upon your interest to the proposal.
I will need us to work together if you are interested, I assure you of all useful information that we enable us transfer the money out of the deceased account into your own designated bank account in your country legally. You can contact me on my private as I await your prompt responds

Best Regards,
Dijk V.Michan