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Stephanie Campbell writes to me from Cleveland State University in Ohio to tell me she is called “Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso” and has granted me $200k.  Sounds unlikely to me.  I suspect that Ms Campbell thinks she has found a sneaky way to pay her college fees – by becoming a scammer and trying to take money from you by charging you fees.  I imagine that when she’s found out (which she will be) that her college days might end rather sooner than she’d hoped.

Ignore her.  She just wants your money.

2011 Western European Union Council 66th Anniversary,

This is to inform you that you have been granted the sum of $200,000.00USD , by the Western European Union Council Board of Trustees as one of the final recipients of (2011) cash /donation celebration we are celebrating Western European Union Council @66th Anniversary wish you are to instructed to re-confirm this information’s below for immediate claims

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Direct Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Next Of Kin:
Valid Identity Card/National Passport:

Note: This clearance form is to be submitted to our affiliated financial body Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, contact Guaranty Trust Bank Plc with the information’s below for urgent transferring of your Compensation funds of $200,000.00USD.

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Contact Person: Mr. Desmond Adewale
Telephone: (+2348057509097 )

Once again congratulation’s from the entier staff’s and member’s of the
Western European Union Council (WEUC).

Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso
(WEUC Commission President )