Contact my Pastor on this email:

I can tell you the story of this scam without reading it.  She’s rich, she’s dying and she just wants to leave all her money to me – or you – or anyone else daft enough to reply.  At which point “she” will start asking you to send her your money.

Searson Greetings to you,

My name is Mrs. Matilda Lewis and I am 59 year old, diagnosed with chronic cancer for just over a year.

I will be going in for a critical operation and decided to Will/Donate the sum of (Fourteen Million Two Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand USD) to you for the good work of the Lord.
It will not surprise me if you are taken aback on how I got your contact information, it was actually selected randomly from Google leads.

My only son was lost due to a car crash, I have a lot of envy from my family members who wish me ill for material gain.

Contact my Pastor on this email:
Name: Pastor Albert Fernsby

Tell him that I have willed $14,258,000 to you by quoting my personal reference number LLP/953/900/316US/UK.

He will know what to do.
God Bless.