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Saturday, March 14, 2009 1:52 AM
“Ibrahim Oloufi” <>
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Attention My Dear,

Iam Maria Caret the Director Contractor payments, we are write to inform you that we have already sent you $5,000.000 dollars through Western union as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full compensation payment total sum of 850,000.00 via western union by this Federal government.

I was calling your telephone number to give you the information through phone but you did not pick up my calls throughout that yesterday even this morning. Now, I decided to email you the MTCN and sender name so that you will pick up this $5,000.000 to enable us send another $5,000.00 today as you know we will be sending you only $5,000.000 per day.

But the admistrator trust funds in western union Benin Republic stated that According to the Section 636(1) of the LPN CAF of the 1999 constitution regarding a contract
Like beneficiary will have to purchasing of the inheritance file to prevent illegal transfer of your funds or any form of hindrance. Due to large amount your funds contains, please any problem, contact western union immediately email (,

Blow is the information to pick up your payments run to western union to pick up the $5,000.00 and call them back to start sending you another payment today, direct tell phone line is +22993847211, Manager Mr Zima Belton Email:( ) call or email me once you picked up this $5,000.000 today.

Here is the western union information to pick up the
USD5, 000.00;
MTCN :=====334 159 0436
Text Question: =====START
Answer:========== SENDING
Amount:====== USD$5,000.00

I am waiting for your call once you pick up this $5,000.00, Please email them your direct tele phone number because they need to be calling you once sent your payment, again western union contact email( ) tell phone +22993847211
Maria Carret
Is “Maria Carret” going to “bellow” at me (omg!) if I don’t respond, or is this another attempt at trying to look like a pro, and have it look more like some childish scrawls??? At any rate, don’t reply to this, because it’s spam. Delete and be safe—“Tanks”!