Cyber Investigation Bureau

OK – I can see this is another one of those posts that I am going to have to make really, really clear as people are leaving comments (which I’m deleting) leaving their personal details and asking these SCAMMERS to contact them.

So, for clarity, there is no such thing as the Cyber Investigation Bureau.  THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I don’t think I can make it clearer than that.

This message was left 3 times as a comment by a scammer.  Each time on posts about fake lotteries.  Obviously, in the interests of research, my online alter-ego couldn’t resist forwarding a scam lottery email to them to see what the reply was.  I expect you can guess.  I am told that I am the victim of hackers.  I have actually “won” the lottery and I’m given an email to reply to.  My alter ego will, of course, reply.  In the meantime I’ve posted the scammer’s answer underneath their original scam comment.

Original scam comment

Dear Sir/Maa’m,

It is True that there are Series of Lottery and Giving Out
Of Cash Reward from UNITED KINGDOM.
Unfortunately Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of Winners
Has been Hacked, and Winners are Now been Contacted Illegally.
Do not respond to the senders of these Messages, as they
Are not in Position to pay you.
Send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and the Winning Message you received to the United Kingdom Cyber crime investigation Bureau on so as to enable them ascertain
if you really won the Lottery and give you true information
on how your winnings can be CLAIMED.
You will also be informed if the Winning Message you Received is a Fraud Notification.

Cyber Investigation Bureau.

Scam reply to my email asking if I’d won the lottery

We just received a confirmatory message from National Lottery Corporation
Organizers of the draw that you actually emerged
Winner in the 3rd Stage intercontinental Draw.
Your Winning Identification number is UN-745360542488176
We are afraid you are been contacted by hackers,
as the Management of National Lottery Corporation UK Has not contacted you.
Hackers stole profiles of winners and they are now been contacted illegally
so as to rip them off their winnings and personal belongings.
The message forwarded to you as your winning notification is from Hackers.
All National Lottery winnings are been Handled by Adam &Co Private Bank UK.

Adam &Co Private Bank is the ONLY Authorized Payout bank of the Lottery WINNINGS for 2012/2013.
Contact them immediately with your identification number so as not to allow hackers possibly make claims of your winnings.
Hackers are Aware you Won the Lottery and are trying to Scam you.

Call Adam&Co Private Immediately and ask them to put a HOLD on your Winning Funds so that it cannot be collected by Hackers.

These Fraudsters trying to Scam you might also be trying to collect your Winning Funds From Adam&Co Private Bank, If they Have your Passport Photograph and Any Identification Document Bearing your Name.

You can Contact Adam&Co Private Bank Via Email:

Adam&Co Private Bank UK,
25 st Andrew square Edinburgh,
EH21AF, United Kingdom.
Tel: (+44) 7031966727
Tel: (+44) 7024022543

You Can Contact the National Lottery Corporation Office Directly Via Email:

23 Stanwell Road, Ashford
Middlesex,TW15 3DU
United Kingdom.

Contact us on any issues arising concerning the aforesaid Winnings.

Help us to serve you better!

Powered By The UK Government.

My online alter ego emailed the bank to ask what to do next and received the reply below.  You will that the scammer is now asking for money.  She has to open a bank account and deposit £480.  The scammer asked her to email him her identity documents.  She claims that she posted them to the address given for the bank.
Prerequisites For Funds Transfer

It is our prerequisite for funds transfer that you open an account with our bank before funds Above 10,000.00GBP could be transferred out of the United Kingdom.
This is in accordance with section 18(6) of the international transfer act as adopted in 1993 and amended on the 12th of August 2006 by the constitutional assembly.

In other to fight the menace of multiple claims and identity theft you are to provide the documents stated below for an account opening.

1) A jpg passport photograph
2)A utility bill receipt; which could either be an electricity,water,bus or telephone
Alternatively, a Tax payment receipt or your Pan Card.OR
A valid identity card:which could either be an International Passport or a drivers license.

Since you are not Resident in the United Kingdom,
You are required to Scan and Forward to us your Account Opening Document so we can create your account.

Your Account Opening Document is a Valid Means of Identification which could either be a drivers license or a school or work Identity Card or a PAN Card or an International Passport and a Duly Completed and Signed Accounts Opening Form.

You will also scan and forward to us your passport photograph.
Upon receiving the Aforesaid document, your account will be Created but not ACTIVE.

You are then required to activate your account with a minimum deposit of 480.00GBP which is Payable Via Western Union Money Transfer.

As soon as your Account is activated, your winning check is then Credited into your Active Account, this process takes a maximum of 24 hours.
Print, Complete and Duly Sign the Accounts Opening Form in Ink.
Scan and Forward to us the Accounts Opening Form with Your Passport Photograph Attached to the Cover page.
You are Required to State Your Local Bank Name in Your Home Country, Account Holder’s Name and Account Number Which you require your Winning Funds to be Transferred into.

Your Winning Funds Will be Transferred into your Local Bank Account Stated Within 48hrs of Activating Your Account.

Best Regards,
Graham Storrie.

I’m sure you’ll notice that the scammer gave the address of a bank in his original email.  So my online alter-ego claims that she posted her documents to the address given.  This is giving the scammer a bit of a problem.  Obviously he can’t receive them as he doesn’t actually work for the bank.  So he has written to tell her that her documents will be returned.

 If you have sent your documents via post, kindly note that it is likely going to be returned.

You are required to send all required documents via email attachment only.



She has written to ask why they would be returned and why he can’t just copy them.