David Ross commented on a photo of you.

I have no idea who “David Ross” is and this WASN’T sent to the email address I use on Facebook.

I haven’t clicked on the photo link which DOESN’T got to Facebook – this is the link http://100.203-211-143.static.qala.com.sg:8887/facebook.com/?fbid=17482455130&set=p.124214211&mid=3ug7r238g723f732df23

I hope you can see that it ISN’T a link to the real Facebook website.

The email is addressed to “undisclosed recipients” not to me personally.  Be careful with Facebook emails.  As with bank emails, it is better to log DIRECTLY into your Facebook account to catch up with the latest activity.

If any reader of this post has clicked on the link, perhaps they can tell us where it takes you.  My guess is that it will take  you to a fake Facebook log-in page and the scammer is after your facebook account details.

Edit: It seems some readers have clicked on the link. If you have, I suggest you download and scan your computer with at least the free version of malwarebytes, in case any malware has been placed on it. I scan my computer with it every week.

Subj: David Ross commented on a photo of you.

David Ross commented on a photo of you.

Reply to this email to comment on this photo.

David wrote:
To see the comment thread, follow the link below:


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