David Woods – Romance Scammer

A reader has sent me her story of nearly being taken in by a romance scammer.  Fortunately she realised just in time.  As you will see, the scammer asked her for $4500.

NEVER send money to someone you have only met online, however sad or plausible their story might be.

I fell hard for a romance scammer who told me his name was David Woods. He said he was from Cumberland, MD. (Lie) Checked out his address with real estate company. He kept me under his spell on Yahoo Messenger after meeting him on Match.com for 3 weeks, depriving me of sleep and hypnotizing me with heart and flowers environments, words of love he copied and pasted in emails, and a very sexy accent which I could not place. He told me he was Italian, but didn’t know the language when I wrote or spoke to him. He sent me roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and Teddy Bears. He was able to become the man of my dreams within days of talking to me. I hear scammer school is pretty tough… I was ripe for the picking due to my husband dying over 9 years ago and not going out since that time. After a month of romancing he said he had to leave on a business trip to Beijing. He gave me flight itnerary and kept calling me from a US number at the time. Then he ran into financial problems concerning the paperwork on his shipment from Beijing to Accra, Ghana. Now at the time I was completely unaware that it was the Scammer Capital of the World…(believe it or not) Had no idea what was going on in regards to scamming…he asked me to send him 4500.00 to complete the paperwork needed to let his shipment leave the customs area. I went to the bank and almost sent him the money when I had this feeling in my gut something was really wrong. I went home and looked up his name and it was plastered all over Google as the romance scammer from hell. I have since put his name and pictures on every scammer site I can find so trusting women all over the US and UK will not be taken in by this group, because there is never just one scammer in one of their con games….