Dear Friend,Please call me back on +2289831464

“Mr.Adams Makary” doesn’t care about his “undisclosed recipients’ mindset.” He is a liar and a spammer, trying to reel you in so he can rob you—“40% for you, 60% for me”—and very greedy, I might add! If you receive this spam, don’t believe that he is “honest and reliable”, but delete and be safe!

Monday, March 23, 2009 9:31 PM
“Adams Makary”
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From; Mr. Adams Makary,
The Branch Manager,
Banque Internationale De L’Afrique,
Kara Branch,
Lome-Republic of Togo.

Dear Friend,

Greetings and please pardon me for not knowing your mindset before contacting you and it is very confidential and please kindly call me on +228-9831464, after reading this message
or you give me yours to call you.I have decided to contact you having in mind that friendship starts from a point in time as friends today were once strangers.

I am Mr.Adams Makary ,The Branch Manager, Banque Internationale De L’Afrique,Kara Branch,Lome-Republic of Togo. We had a foreign client; Mrs.Neuweiler Adrienne, a national of your country and bears United States Of America nationality by Marriage.This our client and her only son were among the victims of SWISSAIR FLIGHT NO.111 that crashed on the 01-09-1998 in CANADA, on their way back from United States. Confirmable from the website;

Since then the Bank had made several enquiries to your embassy here to locate any of our clients extended relatives,this has also proved unsuccessful.This our client, has an account with this Branch of our Bank, totalling US$12.52 million, which she inherited from her late husband who was a Petroleum Engineer before he died.And, since that year after her death, the bank has not had anyone that Comes for the claim of this fund as either her relation or as a friend.A situation I have monitored closely with my position here as the Manager of this branch of our Bank and l have finally removed her file to my private vault.

Now this is what l actually want you to do ;

Since you bear the same nationality with her,l have reasoned very professionally and l feel it will be legally proper to present you as her next of kin so as to claim out this fund,before it is transferred to the Bank’s treasury at the end of this financial year where other people may as well claim it directly without going to this length.

I am quite aware of the procedures this will take and I will advise you appropriately on the way forward and guide you on how to apply to our Bank to make the claim for the fund and
its bank-to-bank transfer to your designated bank account,where you consider safe for it.

Thank you in anticipation of your urgent response and I will furnish you with the full details and please also include your direct phone numbers. l intend to give you 40% while l
take 60% and l hope you will be a very honest and reliable person.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr.Adams Makary.
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