Dear Mail User,

This very unconvincing scammer needs to go back to scam school – or better still get a proper job.

Firstly – he doesn’t even bother to say which “Mail servers” or which mail provider he is talking about.  Obviously he has no idea who your email provider is.   Secondly he couldn’t even be bothered to put up a fake website or design a fake form for you to fill in, he simply asks you to send him your “customer ID” and password.  What an idiot.  Ignore him or her.

Due to the congestion in our Mail servers,there would be removal of all unused Mail Accounts.You will have to confirm if your E-mail is still active by filling out your login info below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 48 hours for security reasons.
Customer ID:
Note: This email is only for Account owner.Thank you for using Mail !
The Mail Team