Dear Reader You Are Cordially Invited

Yahoo Movies aren’t holding an event in Dubai that you are invited to and they certainly aren’t going to give you thousands of dollars. What this scammer wants you to do is send him your money to pay to book a non-existent hotel room or a non-existent flight.

Ignore him.  If you want to go to Dubai book via the website of a reputable airline in your own country.

Dear Reader YAHOO! MOVIES® Invites You.

Yahoo Movies cordially invites you to a movie anniversary event holding in
DUBAI Monday, 20th April 2012.

You are entitled to a cash benefit of $940,000.00 US dollars as a selected
citizen resident in communities where we have operational base.

You can receive your cash payment on or before the event date.
For event & payment enquiry email us your name & country & phone#
mail to:

Yahoo! M® Team.

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