Dear Sir/Madam

James Kane/Nelly Lee writes a garbled message to me, presumably from an ancient computer in a seedy internet cafe somewhere, since the message was dated 2003.

Whoever he or she is, the only “alliance” they are interested in is the sort that involves you sending them your money.  He or she is a scammer.  Just ignore him.

Dear SirMadam
In line with the recent international business for profitable investment opportunity across the globe, we seek this medium to increase
Our client’s interest in global and domestic alliances via various services Including Import and export of commodities in and outside your
Country, Micro Financing, Real Estate Business, Building of small or big scale company or factory, expansion of any good business
And a host of other profitable ventures.

If you think you are good in any of the mentioned business sector. Kindly contact us for possible business co-operation. (We take care of the finances)

Please do not hesitate to contact us true our private email: or


James Kane

Kelso Consulting UK .