Deposited Already

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:27 AM
“Stephen Co. Ltd”
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How are you doing? I waited thinking you are going to update me regarding the contract fund. Since i will be leaving for another company contract, i decided to deposit your own share worth $1.5 million with the Bank.

Here is the details of the person in charge of the transfer.

David Doye
United Bank For Africa Plc
Accounts Director.

I want you to make fast contact with him so that he can help you make arrangement for wire transfer to your own local account.

Thanks for your understanding,
Cathy Liu.

— Mailed by e-land —
“David Doye” and “Cathy Liu” have made no “deposits”, but they would appreciate it if you allowed them to rob you—“Thanks for your understanding”—my big foot! Delete this and be safe!