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Thursday, March 19, 2009 7:38 PM
“DALSTON LTD” <dmfabrics9@gmail.com>
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Good day ,

My name is Frank Roberts.I need your services in helping my company to do some little part time jobs,the job does not take too much of your time,you only work maybe once or twice a week for some hrs,that’s all and the pay is good.This job does not deter you from doing your normal occupation,you just need a few hours to do it weekly.I am a United States Citizen from the States of Illinois,but i am always away from the US for most parts of the year on business.

What i generally do is source for used and accidental cars on auction sales from within the united states ,buy them after due negotiations and then make payments for them for onward shipment to their various destinations for resale at a much higher profit making margin mostly in Asia where there is a very large and growing market for used cars.

At the moment i have some cars to be paid for in the USA,about 500 different cars; right now i need to make the payments before the cars can be shipped over to the destinations where they are needed,i will issue out the payment in FORM OF CHECKS,but owing to the nature of my job which demands my having to globe trot,i need your services in mailing out the payment CHECKS to my various sellers.At the moment I am not in the United States,I am in India to take the delivery of some cars shipped from the United States.

For you to be able to do this i will open a UPS account Or FEDEX account solely for this purpose ,you do not have to spend a cent of your money to do this,once i open the UPS ,i will send you the account details and you will call UPS to confirm the account.So whenever you want to drop off the checks,it is the UPS account that will be billed
and not you ,just sort them out and take them to the nearest UPS drop off location and they will be shipped to their various destination from there.May I not fail to remind you that you will not use your money to pay for the shipping,the shipping will be billed to the UPS ACCOUNT which I will provide for you.

I will need your address where the checks will be sent to immediately,when the checks and money orders are delivered to you,i will email you the instructions to follow.You will just fill the checks and money orders and help me to send them to the addresses i will email you.

Concerning your own payment,i will send you your money via western union after you have sent out the parcels and emailed me each tracking numbers;so that’s how i pay you.but before i make any payments to you,i will have been satisfied with your conducts and your attitude to work.I am going to be paying you $150 in a week you might do up to 3 dispatches weekly depending on how i get good auction deals;with an option of further increase depending on the dedication you show to the job.The money you will be making is money that wont be taxed,and you can also become my partner if you show me a certain level of commitment and zeal to be a success in life, i will always send you commission on successful transactions.

If you are interested in doing this job for me,get back asap with:


1: Your Full Names
2: Your Direct Home Address and telephone numbers
3: Age
4: Sex
5: Employment status
6. Marital Status

Requirements: You will need a computer and a printer to do this job,let me know if you have a computer and a printer.

Please endeavor to get back immediately with the necessary details needed.

Warmest Regards
Frank Roberts
I get scared every time one of these e-mails contain “UPS” or “FedEx”. And opening accounts for his “employee”—even scarier! I also have my doubts that he’s an American, just from the wording of his spam. I believe this to be spam, and you might want to think long and hard before responding—just my skepticism coming out.