Another tale of wicked goings on in Nigeria, submitted by a reader.

I am Mr Adekunle Elvis. a computer scientist working with central bank of Nigeria.I just started work with C.B.N. and I came across your file which was marked X and your released disk painted RED, I took time to study it and found out that you have paid VIRTUALLY all fees and but the fund was not released to you. The most annoying thing is that they won’t tell you the truth that on no account will they ever release the fund to you,instead they allow you spend money unnecessarily,I do not intend to work here all the days of my life, I can make transfer of your funds available to you immediately under 10minutes,that is if you are ready and willing to follow all instructions stated by me without hesitation. I needed to do this because you need to know the statues of your Funds and cause for the delay,Please this is like a Mafia setting in Nigeria, you may not understand it because you are not a Nigerian. The only thing needed to release this fund is the Anti drug/terrorist clearance certificate which will be tendered to any of your nominated bank and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE(IRS)for clearance of the transfered amount in your account. Once the Anti drug /terrorist clearance certificate is obtained funds will immediately reflect in your bank within 10 Minutes,the certificate is all that is needed to complete this transaction. Note that the actual funds is valued at $15.5 MILLION USD and the president made a compensation fund release for all unpaid beneficiary valued at $10 million usd. Listed below are the mafia’s and banks behind the non release of your funds that i managed to sneak out for your kind persual. 1) Prof. Charles soludo 2) Senator David Mark 3) Chief Joseph Sanusi 4) Dr. R. Rasheed 5) Barrister Awele Ugorji 6) Mr Roland Ngwa 7) Barrister Ucheuzo Williams 8) Mr. Ernest Chukwudi Obi 9) Dr. Patrick Aziza Deputy Governor – Policy / Board Member 10) Mr. Tunde Lemo Deputy Governor – Financial Sector Surveillance / Board Member 11) Mrs. W. D. A. Mshelia Deputy Governor – Corporate Services / Board Members 12) Mrs. Okonjo Iweala 13) Mrs. Rita Ekwesili 14) Barr Jacob Onyema 15) Dr. Godwin Oboh: Director Union Bank Of Nigeria. 16) Mr John Collins: Global Diplomat Director. 17) Foreign fund diplomatic courier 18) Barr. Becky Owens 19)Rev. Steven Jones 20) bank of Africa 21)Mrs. Debbie Hargrove 22)Mr. Micheal Wagner 23)Barr. Isa Farid 24)Dr. Raymond Faye 25)Ibraheem Fashola 26)Dr. Leslie Fawaz 27)Mercy Fajaroo 28)Walter K. Falana 29)Azeez Fatou 30)Ibrahim Fabumi 31)Daniel Faras 32)Micheal Faras 33)Minassa Fernandez 34)Viresh Fernando 35)Deacon Diende Fernandez 36)Ben Felix 37)Dr. Ige Femi 38)Chen Hsiu Fei 39)Gloria Festus 40)Lopez Fernando 41)Aloye Fidelis 42)Augusto Fish 43)Dr. Raymond Fingesi 44)Dr. Martin Fibu 45)Joseph Finn 46)Ogom Fidelis 47)Jennifer H. Fiedler 48)Dr. Jimmy Fowler 49)Robert Fortin 50)Dr. Sharon Forrest 51)Prince Michael Fofano 52)Sarah Fofano 53)Tony Foster 54)Dr. Koman Fofar 55)Samuel Fona 56)Grace Fona 57)Funmi Folorunso 58)Mike Franklin 59)Egbo Francois 60)George Freeman 61)Senator Jude Fred 62)Paul Frank 63)Dr. Francis Fregere 64)Walter Freer 65)Olu-Segun Fredrick 66)Justice Philip Francis 67)Raul Franco 68)Desmond Fred 69)Madu Frank 70)Rita Frank 71)Godwin Frank 72)Dr. J. Frances 73)Frank Francis 74)Derrick Frans 75)Kingsley Fred 76)Dr. Carlos Frederico 77)Dr Ola Funmilowo 78)Alan Fumbi 79)Vincent Fuso 80)Dr. John Fugar 81)William Funsho 82)Michael Funsho 83)Shahla Ghasemi 84)Ali-Reza Ghasemi 85)Martins Gambari 86)Jim Gallo 87)Paulo Gato 88)Ben Gafhar 89)Byron Gate 90)Arthur Gai 91)Shinder Gangar 92)Lopez Garvin 93)Abdul Gafah 94)Dr. Rufus Gaba 95)Alhaji Garba 96)Dr. Frank Gani 97)Brigadier Williams Gal 98)Egonna Duru Gal 99)Lucky Garbi 100)Sadique Gadaffi 101)Federick Ike Ganziri 102)Dr. Dennis Gavey 103)Jose Sanchez Garcia 104)Ahmed Gana 105)Jose A. Garcia 106)Major Archie Gates 107)Bavolleni Gallilo 108)Musa Galadima 109)Shehu Galadima 110)Barr. Imam Galadima 111)Barr. Jerry Galadima 112)Mustapha Gambo 113)Dr. Isah Gambo 114)Usman Gambo 115)Engr. Isaac Garuba 116)Alhani Azeez Garuba 117)Engr. Sule Garuba 118)Idris Garuba 119)Mustaph Garuba 120) ADB Bank Ouagadougou Burkinafaso 121) FSA UK 122) NATWEST BANK 123) ECO Bank 124) Credit Bank 125)Barr Greg Thompson 126)Mercy Gloria 127)Atm Card Centres 128)Llyods bank(UK) 129)Tunde Lemo Do get in touch with me immediately with my direct number +2348052436390 to conclude this final transaction immediately,and also send to me your convenient tel/fax numbers for easy communications. Regards, Mr Adekunle Elvis