Do You Take Card?

I am being sent this bit of spam repeatedly to non other than an email address associated with this website!

Finally, I went to their website.  It claims to be “Card Machines UK”.  The domain name is best described as gobbledegook.

It has a fake TRUSTe logo on it and a fake MacAfee Site Advisor logo.  The “Contact Us” gives no clue as to who is running the site – there is just a contact form.  The domain name is registered to someone in Cardiff.

Among the requirements to be a member of the Truste certification scheme, business websites must

2. Participant must provide access to a single comprehensive Privacy Notice.
3. Access to the Privacy Notice must be Clear and Conspicuous and
easily accessible.

Requirements that are conspicuously lacking on this site.

Do yourself a favour and avoid these scammers.  Contact your bank or other financial provider if you require a credit card machine for your business.

Considering the Machine Above? View in Detail Here

This is a machine which allows you to take card across your building and is called a Portable which sends details from the hand piece to the base unit that then uses Internet or Phone.

Mainly it is people that have this kind of machine are cafes and B and B’s who need to allow people to use card while eating and leaving after, although, it might be good for other purposes.

It is the type of machine that is used by persons that need to take cards on the road and is called a Mobile one. It only requires a connection to a network. This can be used out and about anywhere there’s signal and you might take card throughout the UK and you’ll not need a landline.

Lastly is the Desktop which is for people that must allow card in a defined place and uses a power point as well as a Ethernet or phone line.

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