Employment Offer

No company anywhere in the world ever needs “payment agents”.  They are all scams.  Put simply, the scammers will appear to deposit money in your account.  They will then ask you to forward most of it to somewhere else.  Your bank then realises that the original payment was fraudulent – and you are left out of pocket, having forwarded money to somewhere else.

Ignore this scammer – who is just after your money.

Judd Financial Services Pty Ltd

82 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown,
NSW, 2750, Australia.

my name is Mark Miles and I am Judd Financial Services hiring manager. We have
found and carefully reviewed your CV and decided to offer this job to you.

Our services
When buying-selling operations via the Internet are concerned, the buyer and the
seller don’t know each other (they may be placed in different corners of the
world) – it is very important both to the buyer and the seller for their deal to
be made safe. Payment Protection means receiving money, documents, goods (it
might be both the seller’s and the buyer’s) concerning the transaction to a
reliable, experienced, impartial person – our Payment Protection agent. The
agent will hold all the documents and money until all the terms of the deal are
satisfied and only then release them to the intended receiver.

Why we need Payment Protection agents
Having a Payment Protection agent in every country we can quickly transfer funds
inside a country without wasting time on the international bank transfers, and
continue our rapid growth rather than overwhelming our own bank account with
inbound and outbound transactions leading to severe hold times and possible
service interruption. It is time that is of significant importance to our

Career and Benefits
Your main task will be receiving money transactions to any bank account you
would like to use for the purposes of this job; and then forwarding these
transactions to the next party of the Payment Protection process according to
our instructions. You will benefit from the commissions, which are 5-7% of each
transaction and depend on the quantity of the completed transactions and the
speed of your work. Besides, you will be paid a basic salary of 1500 GBP per

For your convenience there will be no paychecks, your commission will remain in
your account after every successfully completed transaction. The money transfer
fee is not included in your commission, meaning that you will deduct it from the
received amount, not from your commission. Also you receive 5-7% of the
transaction amount. Normally the amounts that we process vary from 2,000 GBP to
10,000 GBP, but can go higher on special occasions.

Job details
As the financial activity in your area is not too high, a Payment Protection
agent will be processing approximately 1-2 transactions per week. Each
transaction requires approximately 4-5 hours of the agent work. Our manager
always calls the agent beforehand to provide all the instructions. Therefore,
with the due time management, the agent is able to combine this job with other
activities (e.g. primary job or studies).

If you are ready to proceed, please reply to this e-mail and our hiring manager
Paul Digby will contact you shortly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Miles,
Judd Financial Services.