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I have to confess I was fooled by this one and clicked on the link.  My anti-virus immediately alerted that the link was taking me to a page infected by a trojan.

When I looked again, I realised that although the domain in question does have a Facebook page, the email address it was sent to wasn’t the one associated with the page.

If you hover over the links in the email (DON’T CLICK) you will see that they don’t go to Facebook.

If you think malware might have got onto your computer, download and scan it with malwarebytes (malwarebytes.org)

Hi help@mydomain.com,
You have blocked your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account whenever you wish by logging into Facebook with your former login email address and password. Subsequently you will be able to take advantage of the site as before
Kind regards,
The Facebook Team

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