Facebook Giveaways

I’m often amazed at how many people will blindly “like and share” a fake giveaway on Facebook.  They rarely even read the original post let alone the legions of comments where people are trying to warn that the post is a scam.

There is a repeated one, that I have to say I’ve not seen recently, where a page claims to be giving away luxury motorhomes that can’t be sold.

But today I’ve seen this one:

The page is named “P&O Cruise” but if you go to the “about” information is says it is for “fans of P&O Cruises”.  The page has just one post – the one pictured above.

The photos used for these fake giveaway cruises is a photo of envelopes containing nominations for the Oscars.

There are no cruises to win.  But as ever, the page is asking you to share the post and “sign up”.  At the time of writing around 65k people have done so.

Please folk, if you are going to share something on Facebook do the following:

  1.  Stop
  2. Think
  3. READ the original article
  4. Look at the page/post/organisation you are being asked to share.

MOST articles, etc that ask you to “like” them are doing so for one reason only, to make the page appear to be more popular than it is.

If you share a post/page/article without reading it first – you become complicit in the scam.  You become a scammer.  so – Stop; Think; Read; before sharing with your friends and making a fool of yourself.